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Jun 25, 2020
Aleksandra Kuźnicka-Cholewa, CMS, Poland
Adriana Zdanowicz-Leśniak, CMS, Poland
First published at

Revolution in Enforcement of Intellectual Property Righ...

Aleksandra Kuźnicka-Cholewa, CMS, Poland, Adriana Zdanowicz-Leśniak, CMS, Poland, First published at www.cms-lawnow.comThe new law of 13 February 2020 on the amendment of the Act of 17 November 1964 - Code of Civil Procedure and certain other acts was signed by the Polish President on 19 February 2020. The Act provides for crucial changes in the enforcement of intellectual property rights in Poland, which we have briefly outlined below, the most important of which is the long-awaited introduction of specialised IP courts. Firstly, Poland will finally have its own, broad definition of an ‘intellectual property case’, which will be subject to the competence of the specialised courts. It covers not only cases concerning protection of copyrights and industrial property rights, but also, among others, matters concerning combating and preventing unfair competition and protection of personal rights in certain cases, e.g. relating to advertising or promotion of goods and services, or scientific and inventive activities. In our view, defining IP cases in such a way should be assessed positively as it corresponds to the practice of adjudicating courts which successfully find legal grounds for the above claims in various regulations including the  read more

Jun 11, 2020
Chu Thanh TU, KENFOX IP & Law Office, Vietnam
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Overcoming Relative Ground Refusal Against Internationa...

Chu Thanh TU, KENFOX IP & Law Office, VietnamSIC Holdings Co., Ltd., a Japan-based legal entity, filed an application for international registration seeking protection for a device mark under Int’l Registration No. 1386767 designating Cambodia. The Department of Intellectual Property of Cambodia issued a Notification of Provisional Refusal against the IR No. 1386767. The ground for rejecting International Registration Designating Cambodia exists under the provision of Article 4 (g), the Law concerning Marks, Trade Names and Acts of Unfair Competition of Cambodia. In detail, the proposed mark is deemed  read more

Jun 10, 2020
Laura Morrish, Novagraaf, United Kingdom
First published at

EU: Trademark Grace Periods and Proof of Use

Laura Morrish, Novagraaf, United Kingdom, First published at www.novagraaf.comEarlier this year, the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) issued a preliminary ruling as to whether the holder of a national trademark right could pursue damages for infringement of that trademark during the registration grace period when the mark has since been revoked for non-use. The case (AR v Cooper International Spirits LLC, St Dalfour SAS, Établissement and Gabriel Boudier SA) considered the dispute over use of the French trademark for ‘St Germain’, as originally registered by AR in May 2006. AR had discovered in 2012 that Cooper International Spirits was  read more

Mai 14, 2020
Chu Thanh TU, KENFOX IP & Law Office, Vietnam
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Overcoming trademark refusal in Vietnam arising from mu...

Chu Thanh TU, KENFOX IP & Law Office, VietnamIt is no doubt very difficult to overcome a refusal against a trademark which arises from conflicts with earlier mark(s), especially when more than one grounds of rejection are raised. How to overcome multiple grounds of rejection against an applied-for trademark requires in-depth knowledge, expertise and experience from IP practitioners. This trademark case concerned two refusals based on two grounds of rejection (i.e. absolute and relative grounds) arising from Vietnamese intellectual property ('IP Vietnam'), under which the trademark was  read more

Apr 30, 2020
Xiaoming Liu, Chofn IP, China
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Trademark Acquisition Pitfall and Tips in China

Xiaoming Liu, Chofn IP, ChinaTrademark piracy or trademark squatting has been a headache in China for long. Almost all big brands suffered from trademark pirates or squatters. The Chinese Trademark Office (CTMO) and other authorities like the courts have made great efforts to curb the trend, but the effects are not always satisfactory, particularly because of the high threshold for recognizing “bad faith”. The newly revised Chinese Trademark Law, effective as from November 1, 2019, and newly enacted The Rules for Regulating Trademark Registration Applying  read more

Apr 29, 2020
Haiyu Li, Chofn IP, China
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Customs Recordation—Cost-Effective to Enforce IP

Haiyu Li, Chofn IP, ChinaIn China, intellectual property rights can be enforced at the border by the General Administration of Customs of China (GACC), the national authority empowered. According to the GACC’s regulations and the law, the Chinese Customs at different levels primarily protect trademarks, copyrights, patents, Olympic symbols and world expo symbols. In practice, the Customs are normally more efficient and experienced in protecting trademarks registered in China. The other types of intellectual property, either too small or too  read more

Apr 02, 2020
Andrej Bukovnik, Bukovnik & Kulbaba IP Guardians, Belgium
First published at LinkedIn

Amendments to the Slovenian Intellectual Property Act

Andrej Bukovnik, Bukovnik & Kulbaba IP Guardians, Belgium, First published at LinkedInOn 5 March 2020, the Slovenian Parliament finally adopted amendments to the Industrial Property Act, transposing into the national legislation Directive (EU) 2015/2436 of the EU Parliament and of the Council of 16 December 2015 to approximate the laws of the Member States relating to trade marks. The amendments to the Slovenian IP Act will come into force on 29 March 2020 and introduced major changes to trademark protection and related proceedings in Slovenia. The amendments remove the graphical representation read more

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Managing Director HUE Vu Anh

Managing Director HUE Vu Anh
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KENFOX provides a full range of IP related services in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and other Asian countries. We are more flexible than traditional big-law firms and meet each client's needs in a productive and cost-effective manner.

The core team of KENFOX has accumulated rich experience in providing comprehensive legal services with respect to areas of practices that the firm focuses. The members of the firm have extensive experience in handling various national and international/cross-border legal and commercial transactions. As a law firm operating in various jurisdictions, KENFOX has the expertise, resources and strength in depth to meet the most demanding expectations of clients. A large proportion of matters on which the firm is instructed, whether contentious or non-contentious, are multi-jurisdictional. It is KENFOX’s policy to forge non-exclusive associations with laws firms in other jurisdictions noted for their expertise in particular fields and, in so doing, to ensure that the clients have the best advice and representation available.

KENFOX has many years’ experience in planning, coordinating and executing actions to combat IP infringement and piracy. KENFOX has coordinated with Anti-Smuggling and Investigation Department (ASID) of General Department of Vietnam Customs, Economic Police, Market Management Agencies in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and other Asian countries to successfully conduct many raids against traders and manufacturers of counterfeits and infringing trademarked goods, seizing thousands of counterfeit and infringing products.

We invite you to visit our website for further information regarding our firm and its specialists.

Mr Chu Thanh TU, Partner
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Tingxi HUO

Tingxi HUO
B316 Guangyi Plaza, 5 Guangyi Str., Xicheng
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Mr. Tingxi Huo, former trademark partner and leader of another Chinese IP firm, Peksung’s, trademark team, is now heading Chofn’s trademark team. Chofn, a veritable “one-stop IP shop”, is one of China’s leading firms with 19 offices in 17 cities.

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