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Amendments to Trademark Laws

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Issue 12/21 (June 2021)

China Judicial Interpretations for Punitive Damages read more

EUIPO 'Out-Of-Commerce Works' Portal Launched read more

EUIPO Serbian IP Office Aligned with CP8  read more

EUIPO Uruguayan IP Office Aligned with CP6  read more

Paraguay Accession to Nice and Locarno Classification read more

Russian Federation Eurasian Industrial Design Applications Started read more

Serbia IP Office Aligned with CP8  read more

Spain Statements of Grant of Protection for Hague Designs Designating Spain read more

Uruguay IP Office Aligned with CP6 read more

USA Final Rule on Representation of Others Before USPTO read more

WIPO Accession to Nice and Locarno Classification by Paraguay read more

WIPO Statements of Grant of Protection for Hague Designs Designating Spain read more

Issue 11/21 (June 2021)

China Inquiry System for EU Trademarks Launched read more

EUIPO IP Office Replaces Attachments with Links in Communications read more

EUIPO Online Form for Designs Improved read more

Germany New e-Functions to Prepare Lists of Goods and Services read more

Iraq No Longer Extension of Trademark Registrations to Kurdistan read more

Lithuania IP Office Identifies Duplicate User Records read more

Taiwan Trademark Use Not Limited to Use in Trade read more

Uganda Chance to Renew Expired Registrations read more